Clothing Labels & Tags in Dubai, UAE

SoluWise is a leading supplier of woven labels and wash care labels in Dubai, UAE for all your clothing label needs. We offer numerous material options & quick turnaround time so that you move your apparel to the market in record time with elegant-looking labels. 


Woven Labels

These inexpensive and simple-to-order labels are by far our most popular product, and are the top choice for professionals. Get a totally unique label for all of your branding needs. Woven clothing labels can be sewed on by hand or using a sewing machine.

Woven labels are made with a thread and label material on looms. Polyester and cotton are the two most used materials for woven labels. A woven label has greater quality and is more durable than a printed label. Woven labels are created on weaving looms, which weave together threads to form the desired design. Woven labels are best for labels with twelve or fewer colors because of the weaving process.

Wash Care Labels

Any clothing must provide washing instructions. If a garment doesn't have a care label or has wrong washing instructions, it will have a substantial impact on its lifespan. When clothes are cleaned at high temperatures, they might shrink and the color may fade quickly.

This may offer the end-user a negative image of your garment's quality, which could negatively impact repeat purchase or add to bad publicity. Fortunately, utilizing high-quality care labels with the precise washing instructions can easily prevent this.

Printed Satin Labels

Printed Satin labels can be found on practically every piece of apparel. Because of their capacity to clearly capture very small text or symbols, they are ideal for conveying fabric content and washing instructions. They are gentle on the skin and do not itch. You can print up to four colors on our black or white satin material when you need to stand out. If you require different satin material colors, please contact our office for a special quote.

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