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Pharmaceutical Labels

Any retail item containing a medicine must have a pharmaceutical label. This covers over-the-counter and prescription medications (as well as a variety of other goods you would not think of).

Toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, sunscreen, lotions, moisturizers and hand sanitizer are just a few of the tens of thousands of products that must be labeled as pharmaceuticals. As a result, it's critical to know what chemicals your product contains in order to ensure that you meet all legal standards.

The label must stay attached to the container and be legible during its entire life cycle, which includes distribution, storage, and usage. The label's printing must also be legible over the course of this time.

(This necessitates the use of labels with a high adhesive strength and resistance to water and UV radiation.)

Each label must be abrasive, defect-free, and compliant with the medication standard. There is no opportunity for misprints or inaccuracies in the legally needed information. We specialize in creating and printing Health Care labels at SoluWise. In addition, pharmaceutical labels are produced with all of the necessary compliance requirements in mind, and we have skilled graphic designers on staff who can aid in the creation of pharmaceutical labels that improve the brand image.

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