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Printed Food Labels
Printed Food Labels

There are a lot of considerations for launching a food product for retail. Not only do you need to create a great tasting product that is at par or superior to other big brands, but you have to ensure the legalities as well. But what is the number one factor that customers consider while purchasing a product?  It's the labeling or packaging.

With hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of food items to pick from at your local supermarket, your labeling must stand out.

When it comes to introducing a food product for sale, one of the few weapons you have against the major brands is the label, which is often the most important aspect in most consumers' purchasing decisions.

No matter what type of food product you're selling (ready-to-eat meals, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, etc. ), you can count on your product being surrounded by a slew of competitors.

As a result, your food label must not only seem appealing, but it must also capture the attention of the buyer within seconds and persuade them to purchase.

SoluWise offers a wide choice of Food Labels to meet all of your food packaging and labeling requirements. We've got you covered on everything from withstanding moisture and dampness from refrigeration to different types of labels for different types of surfaces, such as glass jars, bottles, and plastic pouches.

Our labels are long-lasting, which means that when they reach your customers, they will be intact and as fresh as new, restoring their faith in your product and the food within the box.

A label with scratches or moisture and humidity will confuse the buyer and cause them to lose faith in the freshness and quality of the food within. Your labels will have a longer shelf life, which means more exposure for your products.


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