Laundry Management Software Dubai, UAE

Laundry Software Dubai

SoluWise’s Laundry Software is a feature-rich software solution to manage dry cleaning, laundry business in an effective and cost-effective manner. This mini ERP system is fully featured, robust and easy to use. SoluWise Laundry Software goes a long way in easing laundry business operations and in skyrocketing revenue.


This versatile and secure solution is built for:


  • Laundry business
  • Dry cleaning business
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Clubs



The software offers unique features such as:


  • Easy to Use
  • Customer Management
  • Bill History:
  • Payment Tracking
  • Delivery Boy wise Collections
  • Corporate Invoice
  • Customer Notes
  • Transactions.
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase
  • Item Consumption
  • Inventory Reports


What Problems Laundry Management Software Will Address 


Order Mismanagement


With Laundry Management Software a lot of management issues from manual work can be solved. The tiring manual work in a laundromat can be a lot confusing and complicated. From keeping track of all the categories and stages of cloth washing to managing the orders. Having SoluWise’s Laundry Management software can be the best option to make the whole process simple and easy.


With so many tasks to follow like keeping track of regular wash, dry wash, folding and many others can create a great chance of making errors and mismanagements. The software for laundry makes it all easy for both the customers and the business.


The probable errors that might happen while keeping the record and data manually will be negligible if all of it is made digital. Making such a business digital and storing all the data digitally in a software can reduce all the errors and also makes it easy to review and make changes to it whenever and wherever according to one’s convenience.


Wrong Deliveries & Lost Clothes


It is important to maintain customer satisfaction and quality in service for any business to be successful in their particular area. Doing manual counting and placing in laundry work can create wrong deliveries and execution errors.


The perfect solution for these errors is adding modern methods of tagging the clothes thereby having real-time monitoring and tracking the garments digitally with the help of laundry management software resolves the issue of making misplaced deliveries and other such mistakes.


Effective Employee Management


Digital monitoring of employees and their different assigned works can be very easy to follow and convenient when compared to the manual works one has to do for all these processes. With the help of a laundry management software, all the hectic work can be done more efficiently and without taking much time, all those jobs can be done with just one click.


Inability to track customers


For those businesses which lack laundry management software, they are unable to track customers. Normally for a laundry business without a system, laundry managers are unable to manage accounts, profits/loss etc. But with SoluWise’s laundry management software, each and everything can be managed: the losses, the number of wholesale customers can be managed, retail customers can be managed, in fact, a business owner can manage the entire transaction.


Manual billing errors


For deliveries, mostly the businesses which lack a system will manually enter the delivery date. With SoluWise’s laundry software, Each and every transaction can be tracked. The process is made simple, fast and systematic.


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