Personal Care & Cosmetics Labels Dubai, UAE

Personal Care Labels

Labels for home and personal care products must be able to resist a variety of conditions. The labels are frequently put on squeezable, curved, or rigid containers. Label conformability to the container may be required, therefore labels are frequently oddly shaped. They must also be able to tolerate a variety of harsh environmental conditions over time, including heat, moisture, chemical exposure, and frequent handling.

For decades, we've been creating labels for home and personal care items, and we've built a specialized material range to match. Waterproof materials, specialist adhesives, moisture-resistant lamination films, and water, oil, and chemical-resistant materials are all examples.

SoluWise knows the importance of a quality label better than anyone else, especially for the high needs of the personal care business, with over 20 years of expertise in the printing industry and printing labels of various categories and types.

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