Restaurant POS Software Dubai, UAE

Restaurant POS software Dubai, UAE

Restaurant POS software built to aid run a restaurant efficiently and successfully.

Whether the intention is to minimize erroneous management of inventory, expenses and enhance functionality to optimize revenue, this is a valuable investment that will achieve immense Return of Investment.

Restaurant POS Software is extensively adopted at restaurants across the UAE. Featuring a UI designed for ease of use, adaptable design, and tailored additions, it is ideal for the below establishments with single/multi outlet operations:

  • Restaurant
  • Bakery
  • Coffee Shop
  • Food truck
  • Ice cream shop
  • Food court
  • Juice shop
  • Pizza shop
  • Cafeteria/canteen
  • Bars and breweries


Stable performance and unrivalled support are guaranteed from the SoluWise to make certain that a business is profitable.

The Restaurant POS software comes packed with a wealth of functionalities such as:

  • Inventory management
  • Restaurant orders management
  • Menu management
  • Keep track of financials
  • Reports on daily inventory consumption, sales, and expenses
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Accounts

What Problems Restaurant POS Will Address 


Poor Inventory Management 

Inventory management is crucial in any foodservice business. When a restaurant's inventory isn't updated, staff will never know which items are available in the kitchen and which aren't. To overcome this challenge- there comes in Restaurant POS Software, which renders inventory management as one of its features. With this, the restaurateur and restaurant's staff will always be aware of what's in stock. There will be no need for chefs to shout their lungs out if something is running low. Basically, it will make a restaurant's business operations run smoothly

Manual Mistakes 

With the traditional method of doing things, i.e., manually, errors are likely to happen. Billing errors will inevitably result in customer disputes, and again, it would also be a waste of time and effort to resolve those problems. In the event of a bad billing experience, the customer will think twice about returning to the restaurant in the future.

SoluWise can aid you to minimize the multitude of errors in your business activities. The software comes packed with multiple functions to aid lower errors automatically. In addition, the point of sale automatically generates reports for sales, accounting, and inventory and more. Restaurant staff never have to generate reports on their own and this reduces faults.

No Reporting

Maintaining a healthy inventory involves tracking and reporting. The failure to monitor restaurant inventory reports usually leads to wastage and overconsumption. Soluwise has a solution to this as well. Reports from Restaurant POS can assist restaurant managers in making more informed choices and eliminating issues. Real-time reports of inventory usage, sales, and costs to enhance restaurant performance. With our reports, they can also assess employee performance and identify inventory trends to improve efficiency. As a result, there are better financial prospects for long-term growth.


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