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Barcode Labels Supplier in Dubai, UAE | Barcode Ribbons in Dubai

Barcode Labels in Dubai, UAE
Barcode Labels in Dubai, UAE & GCC

At SoluWise Label we supply a range of barcode labels, designed for different industries & applications. We provide a wide variety of labels like

We provide a fast, reliable service. We can print variety of different barcodes, be it for supplying your products to big supermarkets & hypermarkets or for your warehouse requirements. We can print the labels using variable data from Excel spreadsheets or database files. Utilizing the latest in print technology, we are able to incorporate company corporate all types of colors on your labels, delivered within a matter of days!

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Below is some information you can use to verify the right type of labels suited for your requirements

Types of Barcode Label Stock

When using barcodes or QR codes, it is important to choose the right type of label stock. Different labels are designed specifically for different environments. Choosing the wrong one will cause the labels to fade, peel, or otherwise not last as long as they should Some common examples of barcode labeling stock include:

  • Paper - This is the most basic type of barcode label. It is made with a durable paper that will last for a long time in normal conditions. This is typically the least expensive option, but is not meant for harsher environments.
  • Oil & Dirt Resistant - Anywhere that oil, dirt, or other common contaminants may be present should use this stronger labels. It can be easily wiped down to clean, and the adhesive holds strong even when exposed to petroleum products and dirt.
  • High Temperature - In high-temperature environments the adhesive can loosen or the label itself can burn. Having label stock made specifically for high-temperatures helps to avoid these problems.
  • Water Resistant - A water resistant label will hold strong and look great even after getting wet. This is ideal for marine facilities, very humid areas, or places where water is regularly used.
  • Battery Acid Resistant - When placing a label on a battery or other highly acidic area it is important that it is made out of an acid resistant material.
  • Wire & Cable - Applying labels to wires and cables requires that the label can be wrapped without distorting the barcode itself. Having them the proper size will also help prevent overlapping, which can make it difficult to scan.

Making Bar Code Labels

Any company that wants to use bar codes in their facility will need to have a way to get custom bar codes printed. It is possible to purchase bulk pre-printed bar codes from many places, but this can be slow and requires large purchases.

Most companies today will have their own industrial label printers right on site. These printers will have software that allow them to print off many types of bar codes. This makes it possible to get labels as they are needed, and enter them into the tracking system immediately upon creation for a more efficient overall process.

We provide wide range of ribbons suitable for various labels materials.

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