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Jewelry Labels & Tags in Dubai, UAE



Jewelry Tags & Labels are an important part of most jewelry shops. They help to quickly identify key details about the piece of jewelry by just looking at the label, thus avoiding wait times for the customer & ensuring faster sales.

The details on the tags are printed using a barcode printer & barcode printing software. The important details such as weight, type, origin, grade etc are printed on the label as per the required govt standards. The barcode is the unique number provided to each piece of jewelry, so that it can be easily tracked & traced across the sales channel.

Many established businesses have in-built tracking modules in their ERP which provides them real-time data about every item. But there is necessary piece of hardware that is used to input & track the item using a barcode i.e. the Barcode scanner.

The item is scanned at the dispatch office & the record is entered of the shop location where it was sent. Once the shop receives the item, it scans the barcode & adds the item to their shop inventory.

Once a sale is made for the item, it is scanned again by the employee in the shop to create a sale record & to deduct the item from the inventory, hence completing the cycle.

Thus it is clear from the above process that barcoding your Jewelry items not only saves time, but it also provides security & instant data on the product.

We have many reputed clients in the Jewelry business that are our long time customers. They stick with us because they know we will always be there when they need us.

SoluWise Labels provides the highest quality Jewelry & Dummbell tags for Gold & Diamond jewelry as well as Opticals such as sunglasses & optical frames. Contact us on [email protected] or visit our Labels Section to know more.

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